Genocide against Rohingyas: The global leaders can’t avoid responsibility

Genocide against Rohingyas: The global leaders can't avoid responsibility
GENOCIDE against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims is still continuing, UN investigators said Wednesday as they presented a report to the Security Council, calling for the issue to be referred to an international tribunal. The 444-page report, first made public last month, called on the Council to refer the issue to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, or to create an ad hoc tribunal, as was done with the former Yugoslavia. Myanmar has categorically rejected accusations that its military committed atrocities in the crackdown last year that forced 720,000 Rohingyas to flee to Bangladesh.

The Security Council meeting was called by Western powers but opposed by China and Russia, who have friendly ties with Myanmar’s military and have regularly shielded the nation from criticism. In Rakhine, the world has collectively allowed the genocide by their silence, strategic relations, economic prospects and illicit diplomacy. The necessity and viability of the UN have also become irrelevant for the world as it drastically fails to protect humanity.

Chief of UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar Marzuki Darusman said that beyond mass killings, the conflict included the ostracization of the population, prevention of births, and widespread displacement in camps. The conflict has seen about 390 villages destroyed and 10,000 Rohingyas killed. The conditions are not in place for a safe, dignified and sustainable return of the Rohingyas in Bangladesh to Myanmar.

The UN fact-finding mission pleaded there were reasonable grounds to believe that the atrocities were committed with the intention to destroy the Rohingya Muslim minority.
The dissent opinion among permanent member states of the UN using their veto power support the oppressors in Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and many other parts of the world. Bangladesh should stir up global attention, particularly Muslim countries and the Western world, to push pressure on Myanmar so that they take back their ousted citizens soon.