They have nothing against Chinese projects in Rakhine: AA

They have nothing against Chinese projects in Rakhine: AA
The Arakan Army (AA) has no reason against Chinese projects in Rakhine State, said its chief Tun Myat Naing during a press conference held at Panghsang in Shan State held on April 17.

“We are trying to get along with the powerful countries as much as we can. If we are to go against their projects, it will make us suffer. Rakine ethnics are living in the state but we don’t belong to it. The union government is misusing the country. We have nothing that we own. It will be advantageous if we have some natural resources. We have no reason against the Chinese projects being implemented in our state. We are thinking how the projects are dealing with the problems faced by people,” said Tun Myat Naing in a response about tension in Rakhine State as Chine said Kyaukphy will be the hub of Asia.

War is not good but we have to fight as it is unavoidable, he continued.

“We are not launching offensives against the army and we will not stop resisting them. We have to fight them. However, both sides need to follow the rules of war. We are ready to solve the problems peacefully anytime. We welcome it,” he said.

The AA was founded in 2009 and its headquarters is based in Laiza near Myanmar and China border controlled by Kachin Independence Army (KIA).

The army and AA encountered for 61 times and 19 mine attacks occurred between them in 2018. The encounter between army and AA happened 97 times and 39 mine attacks occurred between them from January 1 to March 24, according to a press conference of Tatmadaw True News Information Team held at Nay Pyi Taw on March 25.

According to the press conference, security forces and AA encountered for 15 times in 2015, 26 times in 2016 and 56 times in 2017. Mines attacks were occurred one times in 2015, ten times in 2016 and five times in 2017.