Rohingyas: Secluded by destiny, ordained by hope

Migration of people from one part of land to another is a global phenomenon which are full of pain, misery, loath and divide of kith and kins. This involuntarily mass exodus only brings loss of human lives and destruction all around. Many nations and tribes have seen this throughout the chronicles of history the recent being the Rohingya and Syrian Muslims who are bearing innumerable and inexplicable miseries with a Erie silence of hypocritical nations.

These poor people of Aranka, a border land between Burma and Bangladesh have always been the victims of state oppression and political fodder for local parties who contest more on Muslim persecution than on any indigenous issues and planks. This time too the genocide was carried on a flimsy ground to be grim reminder of their exodus many times before too. Before they could escape the marauders, They had lost much more than the exodus only.

Rohingyas: Secluded by destiny, ordained by hope

When the pictures of Aylan Kurdi, a budding Syrian kid whose body had been set ashore by the tides it almost welled up every body’s eyes but there are millions of Aylan who are dying a daily death through these hatred wars. One among them are poor Rohingyas who were chased away from their homeland Burma by the racist people lead A front by the Buddhist monks themselves. This genocide of Muslims has once again raised the question of Muslim persecution all through the world silently and covertly sponsored by the western and fascist forces.
Even after being chased away from their homeland not only before being robbed ,killed, Their women raped, teen girls abducted and sold out and their toddlers and children mutilated before the eyes of their mothers, these Rohingyas have not lost hope of a life which could be seen from their day to day struggle for a dignified and self sufficient life than to beg and collect alms in the streets and houses.
These austere and poor people are living in ghettos In and around the Jammu city mostly in the suburban’s in small colonies and clusters where they are not only maintaining a hygienic living in shambled structures but a complete order of life ranging from education of children to religious duty of prayers. Their elders who are well versed in Islamic knowledge and practices have taken up the job of teaching Quran to local Muslim population living around and even doing the services of priest in mosques. This symbiotic chaste action has earned them though meager but a dignified living
Their children apart from religious education are getting education both in private and government schools to grow as learned and responsible individuals in life. Their women are specifically very humble, religious and chaste in character who despite of living in an alien land and culture under tough circumstances is maintaining a very austere and religious life. Mostly being confined to their shanties, they are standing shoulder to shoulder to their men to face this life crisis.
These unorganized and identity less rational people are great visionaries as well. They have now albeit in a scanty ways organizing their ways by establishing small schools and religious institutions in their shanties. Living in a closed camaraderie in cluster of tarpaulin covered mud and rusted tin sheets Jhuggis, they have Madrasa, Mosque and separate pray rooms for women as well. Their daily toil of menial jobs living not even hand to mouth have created a niche for themselves to chase their dreams.
The role of few cosmopolitan and zealous local youth is beyond appreciation who are leaving no stone unturned to help these people to stay at ease. These young people mostly from the adjoining areas and mosque committees do arrange admission for their wards, Food and clothing, hospitalization, registration and mostly importantly their funerals and proper burials. According to government estimates there are at least 6000 Rohingyas in Jammu and Kashmir but this small ethnic group has already made their mark as of a gentle and peace loving community which is why they were declared as threats to their own homeland by the so called torch bearers of peace. Some fanatic groups under the patronage of their political bosses are spearheading frivolous hate propaganda against these poor people.
Their presence is now becoming an eye irritant to few bigots and fascist who see them as a threat for the reasons holding no grounds and ration. A venomous campaign and propaganda is being spread against them being involved in criminal activities but there is no such evidence of a single incidence so far. This propaganda could easily be understood by any who see every individual through the prism of hyper nationalistic notions. A virulent campaign is made through a very covert and organized way to bereft this small group to be chased away from the state as well. But they deserve to be accommodated on both the grounds of moral and ethnic identities.
In the state of Jammu and Kashmir with all basic amenities of food and shelter. The government must formulate a plan to permanently settle them like the west Pakistani refugees since such a move will save them from more exploitation and hardships in absence of any system support which is indispensable for a refugee to survive.