Rohingya under scanner, again

Law-enforcement authorities in Mewat have been put on alert following Intelligence inputs of the possibility of terror outfits trying to make contact with Rohingya settlers.
Sources said security agencies had been asked to keep a tab on increase or reduction in headcount in six camps, two in Shahpur Nangli and one each in Ferozepur Namak, Chandeni, Saddik Nagar and Punhana.

The authorities had put donors and NGOs pooling funds for these camps on the radar and alerted the local authorities to sound an alert in case of mass or pattern movement of refugees.

“This is a sensitive issue and should not be blown out of proportion. Due to current conditions and reports, we are taking precautionary measures,” said a senior NIA official.

The agency had shared inputs about suspected individuals trying to establish links with terror outfits. The Rohingya settlers, however, claimed that they faced day-to-day harassment.

“Our settlement was once burnt to cinders. Now they openly call us terrorists. Only a handful extend help to us and they are being harassed. One of the NGOs funding children’s education said it would not do so from next month as its funds were under the scanner because of us. I am asked to take a roll call of the entire camp at night and ensure that nobody is missing,” said Rakab, a local Rohingya representative.