Massacres against Arakan Muslims can not stop

Arakanic Muslims, who are targeting the attacks of the Myanmar army since August 25th, continue to leave the regions they live in. Hundreds of thousands of civilians escaped from the massacre and took refuge in Bangladesh, said the massacres of the Myanmar army continued.

A boy is pulled to safety as Rohingya refugees scuffle, while queueing for aid at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. PHOTO: REUTERS
A boy is pulled to safety as Rohingya refugees scuffle, while queueing for aid at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. PHOTO: REUTERS

Arakanese Muslims, who arrived in Bangladesh, told that persecution of civilian civilians and army Buddhists continued in Myanmar. According to Bangladesh press release, Arakanese Muslims express persecution in Myanmar, contrary to claims made by Myanmar Foreign Minister and State Minister Responsible for Aung San Suu Chai on September 19th that since September 5th re has been no operation in Arakan .

The Arakanese Muslim Ummu Gülsüm, who arrived on Saturday along coast of Shah Porir Dwip on Arakan border of Bangladesh, said: “The army killed my husband last Wednesday, I took my children to mountains and hid m in mountainous area We lived for two days just drinking water We decided to return home from mountainous area on fact that events seemed to calm down on friday but army came back on saturday, I sent my 4 children to Kutupalong camp, and now I expect to see relatives here (Shah Porir Dwip). ”

Nur Besar, who lives in Shah Porir Dwip, a few miles from Myanmar on banks of Naf River, said, “Myanmar army set fire to homes of Arakanese Muslims on Sunday and shot and killed many survivors and also a rescue boat on river Myanmar.” used expressions. Bashar noted that Arakanic Muslims were hiding in mountainous areas during day, and that y passed to Bangladesh at night. Dwip residents of Shah Powir stated that smoke rising from houses on market in Arakan on Sunday was still seen by or side of river yesterday. In last month, at least 200 Muslim villagers were destroyed In images taken by international human rights organizations from satellites, it was found that at least 200 of Muslim villagers in Arakan were burned and destroyed. However, it is worried that number of villages burnt is much higher than number declared. The Myanmar army has killed thousands of Muslims since August 25th, when y attacked civilians in Arakan, suggesting fighting with armed militants.

The number of civilians who died because Myanmar government did not allow entry to and exit from area can not be fully determined. Tens of thousands of Arakanese Muslims are still trying to get away from area because of ir safety. Civilians escaping from Myanmar cross into Bangladesh via mountainous regions, Naf River or sea. 438,000 Arakanese Muslims have arrived in Bangladesh since August 25th.

SOURCE: Turkey Telegraph – Breaking News & Headlines from TURKEY