Breaking News: A Refugee teenage boy’s body recovered outside Nayapara Camp

Teknaf – A teenage boy’s dead body has been recovered hanging with a rope on a tree at western side of Nayapara refugee camp, Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar on Monday, November 22, 2016 at around 12.30 pm.

The deceased has been identified as Nabi Hussain 13 s/o Mohamed Hussain MRC# 48403, Block-H of Nayapara registered refugee camp.

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Source said to our correspondent, Nabi went to take care of his goat to grazing in the field outside the camp near the western forest. Every day he goes to take care of his sheep there.

Today he went with the goat to the field as usual at around 8.30 am. There, the children who went to play saw him hanging tied with a rope on a tree in the forest at the western side of Nayapara camp and informed the victim’s parents who rushed to the spot and brought the victim home.

No sooner had they brought the body home than the deceased was rushed to Nayapara camp clinic where the doctor declared the boy dead. Then the corpse has been sent to Cox’s Bazar Hospital morgue for postmortem.

The victim’s parent said, earlier a goat was stolen by a local man, son of Moktul Hussain while the goat was grazing in the field in absence of the care taker, Nabi Hussain. After searching for some days, the local man, Moktul Hussain’s son was detected as the goat thief.

Later, in the arbitration, the thief was fined 2000 taka as compensation of the goat. Being ashamed of the theft before many people in the arbitration, the thief said to the goat shepherd, Nabi, I will show you and you will see, he threatened like that.

Now the police investigation is going on and a General Diary (GD) has been registered with the Teknaf police station in this connection.

Breaking News: A Refugee teenage boy’s body recovered outside Nayapara Camp