Resolve Rohingya crisis bilaterally

Visiting Chinese special envoy urges Dhaka
Diplomatic Correspondent

China, which has strong relations with both Myanmar and Bangladesh, has asked Bangladesh to resolve the current diplomatic tension with Myanmar over Rohingya crisis bilaterally.

Visiting Chinese special envoy urges Dhaka

Chinese special envoy Sun Guoxiang, who began a four-day visit to Bangladesh on Tuesday, had several meetings with top diplomats at the foreign ministry and other government policymakers for bringing out a peaceful solution to the crisis.

In response to Beijing proposal, Dhaka put forward three conditions in which China can influence Myanmar for permanent solutions to the Rohingya crisis. The conditions are: Myanmar must take back all its citizens from Bangladesh, ensure that none to return after repatriation, and grant citizenship to Rohingya Muslims, said foreign ministry officials.

Dhaka has made it clear to the Chinese envoy that it has long been trying to resolve the crisis bilaterally with Myanmar but the neighbouring country has not responded any call from Bangladesh, especially since the beginning of recent influx of Rohingays. Official sources said Bangladesh has welcomed the Chinese efforts to help Bangladesh resolve tensions with Myanmar.