King Abdullah Foundation supports education of over 76,000 Rohingya refugee children

King Abdullah Foundation supports education of over 76,000 Rohingya refugee children
[King Abdullah Foundation supports education of over 76,000 Rohingya refugee children]
A classroom where Rohingya refugees are given education.

RIYADH — The King Abdullah Foundation has launched an initiative to support the education of more than 76,000 Rohingya refugee children, in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Islamic Development Bank Group (IDB). This initiative will support much needed education of Rohingya refugees who fled their country Myanmar as a result of the violence. More than 500,000 refugees have taken refuge to Bangladesh in the district of Cox’s Bazaar, bordering Myanmar.

The goal of this large program is to ensure universal access to education in refugee camps and refugees’ settlements, through sponsoring early education and basic education; improve livelihoods of adolescents, and support better policies towards Rohingya refugees.

The budget is estimated at $11.5 million and the Foundation’s contribution to this initiative is more than $$ 7.2 million (SR 27 million) for at least five years. A total of 560 teachers will be recruited and teach more than 76,000 Rohingya children. The program also contributes by upskilling 2,000 adolescents and young adults with required technical skills through vocational training to improve their livelihood within the host communities.

Prince Turki Bin Abdullah, CEO of the King Abdullah Foundation, has declared that this initiative comes from the Foundation’s strategy. Prince Turki highlighted that the Foundation seeks to contribute to the international efforts in alleviating Rohingya community’s suffering.

It stems from King Abdullah Foundation’s strong belief and commitment to education that is a natural and basic right for all children across the world. Prince Turki added that investing in minds through education and training is a long-term investment that will enable communities to find effective solutions to reduce poverty and build a better future for all. The ultimate goal is to build a world of tolerance and peace as aspired by the late King Abdullah.

This initiative reflects the strong partnership between the King Abdullah Foundation, UNICEF, and IDB. The three agencies are committed to securing children’s rights, improving their standard of living and facilitating their education. These children belong to one of the world’s most oppressed minorities: the Rohingya. — SG