‘Militant’ tents found in Maungdaw

Militant tents have allegedly been found by villagers in the Mayu mountains on July 29 while they were searching for Than Htay, who went missing last week in the forest. They took photographs and reported the alleged discovery to the authorities. “They assumed that the missing person was already dead and they searched for his body in the forest around Mount Mayu.

Suspicious tents

There were tents in two places along with mattocks, axes and crowbars. They also found empty snack boxes. They reported it to the security forces in Ahtet Nanyar village. The army met them and they handed over photos of the tents,” said Maung Aye from Nabysake village. Ethnic Rakhine villagers said they were too scared to collect firewood in the area. The army claimed to have found a militant training camp in the Mayu hills with weapons and tunnels. Two men tried to attack the troops with swords and were killed, according to the State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi’s office.

SOURCE: http://www.elevenmyanmar.com