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Many Parties Complicit in Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing

  The persecution of Rohingya Muslims goes beyond religious intolerance, says Dr. Elizabeth Hurd, professor of politics at Northwestern University   I support The Real News Network because it is one of the few remaining political voices...

Rushanara Ali: British MPs must pile more pressure on Burma to end the shameful...

On Wednesday morning, the United Nations’ human rights office published their latest report into the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Based on 65 interviews with individuals and groups who had recently fled Rakhine...
Burmese Army Opens Inquiry into Atrocities Against Rohingyasvideo

Tensions Follow Rohingya Refugees to United States

As she tightens her traditional head covering, Bibiasha Mohamad Tahir’s thoughts move between the present and the past. She watches her daughter playing on the living room floor of their apartment home in the American...

Rohingya crisis: Drone shows huge refugee camps

A drone has captured the extent of sprawling camps housing Rohingyas fleeing violence in Myanmar. The images, obtained by the Disasters Emergency Committee as part of its charity appeal over the crisis, show Balukhali camp...
Rohingya crisis: Doctor Without Borders urges Myanmar to grant global aid agencies access to Rakhine statevideo

‘Traitor’: Rohingya refugees react to Suu Kyi’s speech

On Bangladesh-Myanmar border, refugees respond with anger and skepticism to leader's first speech on Rohingya crisis. Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh - Breaking her silence on the violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state that has sent hundreds of...

Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech in full: ‘We condemn all human rights violations’

In her first comments on Rohingya crisis, Myanmar's leader says she is 'concerned' over Muslims fleeing to Bangladesh.

Rohingya: Hate speech, lies and media misinformation

How a vicious media campaign has intensified the pressure on an embattled people. Plus, Sinai's media black hole. On The Listening Post this week: behind the Rohingya crisis, a vicious media campaign has steadily intensified...

The Stream – Who will save the Rohingya?

They’re described by many as the most persecuted people on earth and despite calls for help, the situation seems to be getting worse for Myanmar’s Rohingya population. Over the past two weeks, roughly 150,000...

The Rohingya, fleeing for their lives in Myanmar, head for Bangladesh

Myanmar's government forces are reportedly carrying out new attacks on the Rohingya, a Muslim minority considered one of the most persecuted groups in the world.

What’s Myanmar’s government doing to end the Rohingya crisis?

The UN secretary-general has called on the government of Myanmar to end what he calls the 'vicious cycle of violence'. At least 164-thousand Muslim Rohingya have crossed the border into Bangladesh. They're escaping from...

Who will help Myanmar’s Rohingya? India black & white

Who will help Myanmar's Rohingya? The official YouTube channel for Manorama News. Subscribe us to watch the missed episodes.

Why are Rohingya refugees stranded in no-man’s land?

Thousands of ethnic Rohingya cross into neighbouring Bangladesh, but they are not welcome. 31 Aug 2017 20:12 GMT It is a humanitarian crisis that is growing continuously. A week after former UN chief Kofi Annan...